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Since 2000, D-1 & Only Martial Arts Academy, has been providing instruction in the martial arts in the Antioch, CA area and now we are in Discovery Bay.

We are a friendly, family and community oriented martial arts facility that offers a vast array of very unique and special programs.

At D-1 & Only Martial Arts our objective is to help our youth become academically successful, confident, respectful, physically fit, goal-oriented and self-sufficient members of society, capable of defending themselves from various assailants, bullies and other possible threats.

We don't strive to develop world champions, we strive to "Develop Life Champions".

Our program is extremely unique. We teach (4) separate martial arts, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Combat Jiu-Jitsu and Senkotiros Arnis. We then combine techniques from those (4) arts to create what we call, Conditioned Response Drills (CRD’s). Conditioned Response Drills, are drills designed to condition a person mentally and physically to effectively respond to a perceived or actual threat. This approach allows us to teach a realistic self-defense system based on the threats of today's urban environment.

We don't teach our students techniques that are based on theory, or what we think will work. We teach them techniques based on real-life application. Most of the techniques we teach have either been applied in an actual physical encounter by either our Master Instructor, Sifu Tim Calvin, while he was employed as a police officer, or by one of his instructors.

In addition to our awesome martial arts curriculum, we offer a variety of phenomenal programs and services to our students, such as our Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP), which is a FREE Tutoring & Homework Assistance Program for our students Monday thru Thursday. We also provide each of our students with a FREE Safe-Kid's 911 I.D. card that has their identifying info, picture and thumb print. These cards go home with the parents just in case of an emergency. Finally, we offer an amazing and affordable After-School Program (currently at our Antioch location only) that includes daily transportation, snacks, homework assistance and martial arts training!

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area. This site is designed to give you information about our facilities, the various styles of martial arts we teach and our staff. In addition, it provides you with information on how to contact us.

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Hyper Pro Training

Check out the new program we've just added at D1 & Only! I'm so excited to introduce the Hyper Pro Training Program. This program teaches those students who are interested, how to do amazing flips and kicks, known in the martial arts world as "tricking", as well as how to use a variety of weapons such as the bo staff, nunchaku and kamas. This program is fun, exciting and something I know the kids will love!